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The B.O.G. Bogota, Colombia, has been designed to reflect the essence of the capital and wrap guests in a unique sensory experience of its kind. Born as a combination of ancient and modern, it looks like a mix of artificial materials cleverly combined and harmonized with natural materials from the richest sources of Colombia. Smooth surfaces made of aluminum and the large windows blend perfectly with the bumps and imperfections of natural granite material which esterne. Tutte facades are made and 55 rooms are decorated with beautiful gilding, a wide range of shades oscillating between green, gray and beige: every shade, including the dedicated attention to soundproofing of the rooms, it is deliberately designed to impress guests and create a relaxing atmosphere. Every detail is studied in detail, as well as the elegant fittings of excellent workmanship belonging to Myamyx collection BY BONGIO, designed by architect Marco Poletti.