Always Clean System

What is Always Clean System?

Always Clean System is a production concept included the collection Tmix 15 Progetto Gallery by Bongio.

The Tmix 15 mixers have a type of soft dispensing and is designed for ensure the quality of water, especially in geographical areas where there is high presence of limestone in the water.

In fact, the spout is provided with outlet holes positioned below the level of the cartridge, so as to avoid remaining stagnant water in the spout, after the closure of the flow.

Is the type of natural water flow erogation, ideal for those areas with high presence of limestone, where a traditional aerator would not be able to withstand 10 years unlike the innovative outlet holes of Tmix 15.

GREEN: Tmix 15 is also equipped with EnergyEconomySystem, that is, a 8 liters per minute regulation flow placed at the base of the cartridge, capable of reducing water consumption, regardless of the pressure water system. Wall basin mixer spout with same technology.

FREE LEAD: TMIX15 collection undergoes a process of removal of lead to keep cleaned and pure the inside part of mixers, generally in contact with the water. A further certification of Bongio quality products.