Cleaning and Warranty


Best practices for the care and maintenance of Bongio products.

Your choice matters.

That is why we are pleased to provide you with information regarding the care and maintenance of Bongio products.
Use nothing but pH-neutral soap and warm water for daily care, and a soft cloth for drying.

Prevent the deposit of water, limescale, or cleaning substances on the surfaces so as to preserve the original characteristics and aspect of taps, showers, shower heads and accessories.

Our company declines all responsibilities for damage resulting from failure to comply with the following recommendations or the assembly instructions.

A lack of attention during the installation process can compromise the product even before it is used. We remind you to handle every surface with care: minor scratches or bumps can damage the finish and further deteriorate over time.

You have purchased an Italian artisan product and the utmost care is required.

What to do:
  1. Only use detergents with a neutral pH;
  2. Apply a small amount of detergent directly on a clean cloth;
  3. Use a soft cloth for cleaning.
  4. Rinse thoroughly with water until all detergent residues have been eliminated, then fully dry the tap.
  5. It is necessary to dry taps, showers, and shower heads after each use and to eliminate residues of personal hygiene products, such as liquid soap, toothpaste, shampoo and shower gel, which can damage the surface.
What not to do:
  1. Do ​​not use products other than neutral soap, such as bleach, household disinfectants, substances used to clean silver or ceramic products, detergents or chemical solvents that contain:
    – muriatic acid;
    – acetic acid or vinegar;
    – sulfuric acid;
    – sodium hypochlorite;
    – formic acid;
    – acetone;
    – trichlorethylene.
  2. Do not pour or spray cleaning products directly on the tap. Liquid could get into the cracks and cause damage to the surface finish.
  3. Do not use tools such as abrasive sponges or tools that have come into contact with metals or other alloys (steel wool, brushes, abrasive discs). They could scratch the surface of the product, causing contamination and resulting in unsightly stains.
  4. Do not leave the surface of the faucet damp or wet, as the limescale contained in water residues could create unsightly opaque stains and/or alter the external finish of the product over time.
  5. In general, it is necessary to avoid contact with the vapors of hydrochloric acid coming from products used to wash floors – such as bleach – and to avoid the use of detergents containing chlorides, even in the areas adjacent to the products.


Thoroughly clean grout lines and joints before installing taps and faucets. Residues of glues and grout used during the installation of coatings are removed with corrosive chemicals whose strong fumes could irreparably damage our finishes.

Warnings: premium finishes

The golden finish is made with a layer of real 24kt gold powder deposited through electrolytic baths. The products are not painted: they are crafter like real jewels and must therefore be treated with care. The thickness of the 24kt GOLD finish guarantees a long lasting product for timeless luxury.


Natural brass, tumbled brass and brushed brass are defined as “living finishes”. They are lively finishes in that they enhance a product’s material and its shades of color. Their appearances change over time and can be restored to their initial conditions with a soft cloth and non-aggressive creams, suitable for cleaning brass. They are “eternal” surfaces, constantly evolving. Ideal for those who love the contrast between modern and retro.


Achieved using an artisanal oxidation process, these finishes make for products with natural and authentic shades. They are manually crafted so as to recreate the appearance of cast iron, iron and weathering steel. In the process, various metal layers of different finishes are applied to the product. Subsequently, a manual brushing of the surface is operated before everything is finished with satin varnish that preserves the aged effect over time. The final result is not uniform and every single component appears different from others, unique and inimitable.


This finish, with a brass foundation, replicates the natural color of 316 stainless steel. It should not be confused with the Steel finish, more resistant and recommended exclusively for steel-based products, such as those of the TIME2020 collection . This finish is not protected by paints and undergoes a slight aesthetic evolution over time.


All Mario Bongio srl products are subject to functional tests during each step of the production process to allow to give best warranty condition. Chrome items and other finish in the catalog are guaranteed by 10 years warranty, from the date of purchase, attested by the purchase receipt. The guarantee is valid only on products sold in the country where they were purchased, unless the company permits the sale in different countries.

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