Economy System


Energy Economy System is a balanced combination of design and innovation, promoting and achieving a responsible use of water.

Energy Economy System is a technological mean for the supply of cold water while maintaining the lever positioned in the middle.

All faucets and showerheads are characterized by a gentle spray and equipped with an aerator with flow limiter, reducing water output to 8 liters per minute, ensuring a substantial decrease in the amount of water used while guaranteeing uncompromising comfort and performances.

Saving energy and hot water, other than curbing expenses, is also met by an important effort in the safeguard of the environment.

Energy Economy System doesn’t simply guarantee the impeccable control of the water’s output and temperature, it also achieves a responsible use of our planet’s priceless resources.

The lever of the mixer faucet placed at center results in the flow of nothing but cold water. By rotating the lever towards the left, cold water is gradually mixed with hot water until the ideal temperature is reached. This prevents the inadvertent flow of hot water, preserving the environment by diminishing energy expenditure.

Whenever hot water is needed, the ample movement range of the lever ensures an immediate response and the precise management of the water’s flow and temperature.

Progressive Economy System