Countless finishes

We offer a wide range of finishes and galvanic treatment processes and, out of all our technological achievements, these are our pride and joy. Time-tested semi-automatic systems check every single piece and component for thickness, ensuring the strength and brightness of each single item.


7 are the new satin finishes:


OM – Satin Gold
AM – Satin Rose Gold
HM – French Gold
BM – Satin Bronze
NM – Satin Black Chrome
CM – Satin Chrome
IM – Satin Nickel


They are made according to ancient artisanal methods, with total respect for people and the environment, handed down over time by specialized workers able to obtain unique finishes with manual processing and well balancing galvanic with painting action.




The chrome plating has thicknesses that guarantee an average of 18 microns of nickel (on a fixed standard of 14) and 0.8 microns of chrome, as synonyms of guarantee.
Our type of semi-automatic galvanic system allows to have greater care for each single component and piece for a uniform chroming with blue reflexes.

Born from the desire to have the natural color of 316 stainless steel by galvanic treatment of the brass.
In this regard, be wary of the persuasive techniques of “brisk” trade and try to deepen with suppliers…. Since where indicated STEEL FINISH should instead read BRUSHED NICKEL, just as we do by indicating BRUSHED NICKEL when the replica of the steel finish is made on the BRASS and BRUSHED STEEL base only and exclusively on STEEL BASE products, such as the TIME2020 or specific shower sets. A STEEL FINISH can never be forever while AISI 316 BRUSHED STEEL is.

INOX 316
Bongio uses only 316 Stainless Steel for concept and not aesthetics choice, as the one of the naval sector. Those who choose a 316 stainless steel product choose a method, a culture of the recyclable, of the renewable. A 100% environmentally friendly product. To guarantee this and a CLEAN WATER, our Time 2020 range is entirely made of steel, even the recessed parts | So much so that Bongio is among the first European producers to have obtained the AMERICAN GREEN BUILDING CERTIFICATION (LEED).

It s a real replica color and luster of the best Italian jewelry. Although this finish is very similar to polished steel, we opted for this specific treatment, since, it is not about choosing objectively but emotionally, as it happens with all other luxury products. A connoisseur will recognize the tone of a PRECIOUS WHITE metal when compared with the “cold” aesthetics of chrome and / or steel. Platinum gives an extra touch of exclusivity to all our products.

Perfect gold

For more than twenty years, our gilding process has been carried out with an exclusive 24-karat gold alloy, allowing us to achieve three times the thickness of standard gilding and, what is more, it does not need any additional protective coatings. As well as making it more resistant to knocks, it also gives the items extraordinary luminosity – they gleam just like pure gold.


It is made through a deposit of real 24kt gold powder mixed with nickel, it is therefore not a varnish and it does not require protection which in itself is of little use in terms of durability. Our guarantee comes from using thicknesses beyond the average and creating everything as in jewelry with 24 KT thick gold baths for true and timeless luxury.

Tumbled brass is defined in English as LIVING FINISH, a finish that lives by itself. In fact it oxidizes over time but can easily be restored to its initial brilliance, with a soft cloth and non-aggressive creams for cleaning brass / silver (in Italy Sidol, for example, or the same product used for the old brass handles of the port). Those who choose this finish love the materiality of the object and the various shades of color that characterize it over time. It is a finish that we can consider “eternal”, precisely because of its natural evolution over time and if well contextualized, it is an interesting finish also for those who love the contrast between modern and retro “taste material” finishes.

Both are obtained manually, following various oxidation steps, for which each product is unique in its natural shades that also mark its characteristics for a product with an authentic and never the same taste.

Thick chrome-plating and epoxy-polyester powder coating

At Bongio, we use an exclusive tried-and-tested manual system which allows us to leave items in the electroplating bath as long as is necessary to achieve the desired effect. The chrome-plated surface is denser compared to automatically-processed products, leading to huge benefits in terms of lifespan, luminosity, durability, resistance and high performance regardless of climate or geographic location.



Inside each packaging we report a CARE KIT document to be issued to our dealer, where we indicate what to do for the good maintenance of these finishes.

These are not finishes that make the surfaces homogeneous, like a common painted one, which, moreover, has much lower production costs.
The beauty of a finish that wants to imitate IRON lies in a production process of 5 manual steps in order to have the ‘nuanced’ characteristic of cast iron, aged iron or a corten surface.
A deposit of various metal layers of different finishes, on which a manual brushing and a satin varnish are carried out to maintain the aged effect over time.
The final effect is not uniform and the added value that our customers know and appreciate because each individual component and / or final piece is different from one another, therefore very different from the flat uniformity of common paints. This finish makes each piece unique and inimitable.



YOUR CHOICE is important to us and for this reason we would like to give you dedicated instructions for the good maintenance of the products.

Our products must be treated with the utmost care and DAILY cleaning, using only neutral soap, warm water and a soft cloth for drying, so as to keep their original characteristics intact over time. The deposits of water, limescale and cleaning substances on the surfaces and stagnation in the areas where they can be created must be avoided (bottom base and aerator nozzle).

It is important to proceed with the correct DAILY MAINTENANCE AND DRYING and always pay attention to the cleaning of the areas surrounding the Bongio product, such as coatings or bathroom fixtures, where the use of aggressive products can also damage our finishes. The use of aggressive detergents containing solvents and / or acids, abrasive powders of any kind or alcohol and similar, can seriously damage the product.

We remind you that carelessness and lack of attention during the assembly phase can damage the product even before it is used and we remind installers that the surfaces treated with valuable objects must be handled with care, since a small scratch or a slightest hit, they can cause a great deal of damage over time.

HAVE YOU EVER TRIED TO SCRATCH THE PAINTING OF YOUR CAR? OR GIVE IT A LITTLE BUMP? At that point the paint will weaken so even the most expensive and branded car must be treated with great care.