Countless finishes

We offer a wide range of finishes and galvanictreatment processes and, out of all our technological achievements, these are our pride and joy. Time-tested semi-automatic systems check every single piece and component for thickness, ensuring the strength and brightness of each single item.


Perfect gold

For more than twenty years, our gilding process has been carried out with an exclusive 24-karat gold alloy, allowing us to achieve three times the thickness of standard gilding and, what is more, it does not need any additional protective coatings. As well as making it more resistant to knocks, it also gives the items extraordinary luminosity – they gleam just like pure gold.




It is the most required finish with a mirror surface. Our higher thickness of chrome grants higher resistance.


Black Chrome

This finishing very similar to the Chrome but more cold. The surface are like mirror with flosh similar to “unix stone”.


Light Nickel

Finish very similar to the chrome but more warm. At the beginning you have a mirror-yellow surface. Then the time and the air change to a silver tonality.


Brushed Nickel

Brushed finish of the am glossy one. It is similar to the platinum but more warm. This could be ideal for both modern and classical collections.



Brushed chromed galvanic finish, obtained through a manual brushing, with the final effect of the brushed stainless steel.


Brushed steel

The brushed stainless steel combines the benefits of an extremely hygienic and strong object.


Old Iron

Galvanic finish obtained by the deposit of different metallic finish, one over the other, plus a manual brushing and a final application of a mat varnish to maintain the old ‘effect’ during the time. This finish it is the best for the classic and modern collections.


Natural Brass

Natural finish of the raw brass that during the time and in contact with the air, it will change the tonality, becoming more dark over the surfaces of less contact.



Raw finish (not polished) with hammered effect of the brass.



Galvanic finish obtained by 24 kt gold electrolytic processing.


Brushed Gold

Manual brushing made on the am gold finish. This has suggested for the modern collections.



Galvanic finish obtained through more phases, from a manual brushing to a particular polishing. Using a special glossy cream, we obtain the effect of an old finish. This finish could oxidized in the time over the parts of most contacts. This finish is made with manual treatments and may therefore display colours variations due to the particular craftsmanship.


Matt Moka

Deep dark brown tonality for this finish obteined by powder and then covered by a matt paint.


Matt Black

Matt black tonality finishing obteined by powder. This finish is made with manual treatments and may therefore display colours variations due to the particular craftsmanship.


Matt White

Matt white tonality finishing obteined by powder.


F1 Red

This finishes are made in gloss paint, ideal for modern series.

Thick chrome-plating and epoxy-polyester powder coating

At Bongio, we use an exclusive tried-and-tested manual system which allows us to leave items in the electroplating bath as long as is necessary to achieve the desired effect. The chrome-plated surface is denser compared to automatically-processed products, leading to huge benefits in terms of lifespan, luminosity, durability, resistance and high performance regardless of climate or geographic location.