We often forget that behind every product, there are huge investments, a waste of energy, resources and human creative beyond imagination. Too used to burn everything at once, in a fast-paced and grueling.

It ‘s time to regain the necessary composure to reflect, the desire of a smile, the opportunity to exchange an opinion, a judgment.
In this spirit, we have “reinterpreted” the image of our products, making them human, caught in a moment of irony, having the knowledge that behind us, however, there are 80 years of history and experience.

“Dynamics of Creativity” is the story of exactly what path it has been the company’s founding to the present, starting with the reading of the world that saw Mario Bongio in 1936, continuing to this day.

An alive reading, “Live Emotion” in fact, on what should be a daily task: smile of the life and actions we take.