Energy Economy System

What’s Energy Economy System?

Energy Economy System is a technology that allows to provide cold water with the lever in the middle.

O’Clock Green has a soft type dispensing and is supplied to aerator with flow limiter to 8 liters per minute , which ensures a considerable saving of water without sacrificing performance.

Energy saving, hot water and cost savings are insured in an environmentally.

Energy Economy System not only guarantees you a smooth, precision control of temperature and water flow , but also the sustainable use of one of the most valuable resources existing on our planet.

The lever of the mixer in a central position dispenses cold water only. By turning the lever to the left will mix hot and cold water up to reach the desired temperature. This prevents accidental opening in hot water mode with a consequent energy saving.

When you need hot water, the wide angle range of mixing lever ensures an immediate and precise mixer and a perfect control of the temperature and water flow.

Water technology

ENERGY ECONOMY SYSTEM is a perfect blend of design and innovation of a responsible and aware use of the world water.