Past, present and future


Mario Bongio, the founder

Mario Bongio, with a friend and a Fiat 509, began his career in Alzo, his city of origin, selling taps of a local manufacturing. With the Second World War, the army called Mario. After the war, Mario returns to work. Mario Bongio remains the link between producers and buyers. This is the moment when he decided to open his own selling company, providing buyers excellent products, consolidating the existing relationship.

Orders notebook of Mario Bongio

The original first order form of Mario Bongio is certainly a piece of history. Jealously preserved and perfectly relevant to the current corporate values. Quality , creativity and innovation first.

Start of Bongio factory

Mario Bongio began producing brass accessories for bathrooms and, looking at a broken egg shell in half, found an opportunity to design the "Oliva" collection. Mario made productions molds in Milan, and "Oliva" became a symbol collection of Bongio for many years after.

Marriage with Piera Bacchi

Mario Bongio married in Alzo with Piera Bacchi, from that moment irreplaceable collaborator of the company. Within a few months they hired three or four workers, who, little by little, grew with a rising share of production.

Carnival in Bongio factory

Historical photo of a carnival in Bongio factory

First catalog of Bongio

The products of Bongio are first class, the design is refined and the materials are combined perfectly with the beauty of the famous Murano glass, without sacrificing functionality. So, it was decided from the outset to draw up the first catalog products.

Plant building start

Alzo first plant became inadequate: the various stages of production are located in seven rooms, no longer suited to the needs of the company; a solution is needed. Mario Bongio bought a land in Raveglia area in the municipality of San Maurizio d' Opaglio: this is an isolated spot, on the edge of the moor where is built the first building of 20 x 72 meters. Here grinding, cleaning, smoothing, are now part of a complete production process.

Mario Bongio first logo

Mario Bongio studies, designs and builds seven productions patented machines, for the series of accessories " Murano ". With the construction of the new plant is selected and designed the new logo, in force until 1990. The new logo and the factory are in perfect harmony with the shape of objects and series of bathroom furniture of the company. The collections originated here, will remain on the market for many years.

New productions plant

The need to expand production space leads to the construction of other buildings to reach the surface of 6,000 square meters, indicating the success of the Bongio products.

Price list 1965

It is presented a real piece of history. The first price list of Mario Bongio in 1965.

Mario Bongio catalog



In 1978 with Floreo, Mario Bongio reconceived all bath accessories from scratch . Floreo, designed by Mario Augusto Ragusa, consisted of a vertical structure supporting the complete range of traditional and not, bathroom accessories.

Antonio Bongio joins the company

In 1979, Mario's son, Antonio, after the marriage took place in the same year, joined the company to assist parents in the management. He decides to make a big change in production, realizing series of sanitary fittings, both traditional and with mixing, to coordinate bathroom accessories .


The MAC 1 revolutionized the concept of the shower and energy savings since the 80s. This should by mounting the head on the arm by a joint socket and spherical knurled ring that allowed the directional control and flow. In fact, it was gradual and continues to the almost total closure. It allows users to suspend water supply and to retake it without changing the mixing of hot and cold water.


New articulated and anticalcareous shower head, with adjustable flow in two positions and self-cleaning. Forerunner of today's heads of Bongio® Wellness. Available in 10 colors with a choice of epoxy paint, electrostatically deposited. A great innovation for the 80s.


Catalogo Ogiva 1980


A collection as simple as innovative for its time.

50 anni di Bongio

Bongio celebrates half a century of industrial activity in the field of sanitary and always among the industry leaders. Bongio family, workers and employees are proud because few companies can boast such a record in Europe .

Kitchen Collection - Mirò e Comet

Il designer Marco Poletti, racchiuse la semplicità della rubinetterie e dell'arredo cucina con due serie. La Mirò e la Comet. Furono un vero successo negli anni '90, presenti in molte delle cucine di tutto il Mondo.

Bongio presenta Mirò



Bongio is international icon of design and unlimited passion. Authentic Italian Creativity since 1936 ©

Bongio presents ACQUAVIVA

Passion for pure things , the emotion comes from from nature, The technology of a company that produces tools for the control of water since 1936. Someone calls tap what for us every time is a project. A product with a unique design, imitated, a communication project. Bongio® patent . Acquaviva 2006 Giornalone-2006 Design: Antonio Bongio e Marco Poletti Engineering: Antonio Bongio e Fabio Frattini Concept: Roberto Niccolai Coordination: Vegni Design

Bongio presents MOON


Roberto Niccolai - Bongio special catalog


Ecomade, Fuorisalone Milano. Bongio and interiors design

Bongio Acquaviva Presents in a picturesque location in Via Dante in Milan. Thanks to the collaboration of the Architect Marco Poletti and the magazine INTERNI.


Bongio For Water In the world, more than a thousend millions people have to utilize contaminated water, main carrier of illness. In Africa 4 deaths on 5 are due to bad water, too much often something very far to reach. Clean water means life. Close water means social and economical progress. The water projects of AMREF are located in Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania. Maggiori info su I LOVE WATER

Rinnovo ed ampliamento dello stabilimento

Il progetto della nuova sede Bongio è firmato dall’architetto Marco Poletti. E’ un progetto che comprende sia gli uffici, sia lo showroom. Un progetto che ha come obiettivo abbracciare l’esclusivo panorama circostante, dove la luce attraverso le grandi vetrate scandisce il susseguirsi della giornata.

Bongio presents Myamix


Company trip to Prague

Bongio, recognizing the work of all its employees, celebrates its 60 years together in Prague.

CERSAIE 2008 Bologna


Quality certification ISO 9001:2008

The company confirms once again quality of products and acquires quality certifications through TÜV Rheinald. Our ID : 9105013867 - Management System ISO 9001 : 2008

CERSAIE 2009 Bologna

We often forget that behind every product, there are huge investments, a waste of energy, resources and human creative beyond imagination. Too used to burn everything at once, in a fast-paced and grueling. It 's time to regain the necessary composure to reflect, the desire of a smile, the opportunity to exchange an opinion, a judgment.

Bongio presents Soffi

With its deep sense of style and product culture, Bongio introduces the elegant SOFFI collection, a complete line of taps and fittings that extols the noblest spirit of authentic Murano glass, certified by the Consorzio Promovetro as “Murano Artistic Glass.”


Beach Volley Bongio Champions


Fiat 500 Racing Bongio

7 Maggio 2010

Bongio Showrooms


Bongio, made with Crystals from Swarovski®

With focus on design and on sophisticated water technologies, Bongio collections are now enriched with important details.

Swarovsky 2010

Bongio e Swarovski®


Stelth, designed by Marco Poletti


OF - Bongio Magazine


Bongio Main Project, Yas Marina F1 CIRCUIT, Abu Dhabi

Myamyx is Bongio collection is the perfect fittings choice for the bathroom furnishings of all categories. Refined elegance in a modern oasis. Myamyx 2011

Suit8 - Temporary Store Milano

Suit8 in Albricci street in Milan. Suit 8 presented Suite&Chic in collaboration with Marco Poletti studio.

CERSAIE 2012 Bologna

Bongio introduces the new collection Pure Glam and the historical Classical collections, present in the best houses and hotels all over the world. Certain to stimulate your imagination in a new range, always respectful of our quality standards, but that evokes and reinterprets a traditional taste with details of great value of the Italian tradition. Crystal , Murano glass and elements in Swarovski® Elements.

ADI DESIGN INDEX@CERSAIE 2013 - Bathroom Excellence 1998/2012


TOOLS project by Bongio

Project in collaboration with Argenti and Marchini architects.

Vogue Fashion Night Out

9 Giugno 2012

Alessandra Bongio

In 2012 the daughter of Antonio, Alessandra, joined the company to assist parents in the management after obtaining the Bachelor of Business Administration from The Catholic University of Milan.


"PLACE WHERE THE EMOTIONS BECOME MATTER". Bongiocasa brainchild of Alessandra Bongio, with the collaboration of Arch. Federico Rossi.

Zurigo 2013


Bongio Main Project, Ritz Carlton, Dubai

Presso il Ritz Carlton, Jumeirah Beach a Dubai, sono presenti le collezioni Bongio Stelth in acciao per le camere standard ed in oro 24kt per le superior.


From Alessandra was born the idea of BongioCasa® project. Thus, it provides a further turn to the production company as well as creating new series of sanitary fittings and bathroom furnitures, home decor contemporary objects with the usual guarantee of quality that only a brand like Bongio can provide.

Mostra "Idea del Reale" / Ludmilla Radchenko

19 Novembre 2013 TRIBUTE TO ART, the campaign launched this year by SPAZIOVIVO of Bongio, is pleased to present Ludmilla Radchenko event "IDEA DEL REALE" to be held in November 19 at Via Watt 10. SPAZIOVIVO will attend the event with Sweet In.Grid armchair and Double Rail and T-Table furnishing designed by the Federico Rossi. After the success of Franco Pulacini last October to 809 Art Gallery, Bongio returns to the side of a young artist, Italian by adoption, which will offer seven works in 3D technique , made ​​of a new material in lenticular. Another painter, therefore, that although mining completely different from that of Pulacini, is, like him, eclectic, innovative and full of personality.

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Bongio Main Project, Hamad International Airport, Doha

Hamad International è l’aeroporto del Qatar vicino alla capitale Doha, una architettura meravigliosa estremamente efficiente e davvero accogliente, una vera e propria porta verso il mondo al servizio di oltre 360.000 voli e 30 milioni di passeggeri ogni anno.

Time of TIME 2020

January 9, 2015
300 days of work, 300 pages of note, ideas, projects. 300 samples between tests and prototypes. This is Italian excellence. DESIGNED FOR THE FUTURE.

Pure GLam

In the PURE GLAM collection, the precious Swarovski crystal stands out from the metal of the handle, shaping similar patterns that becames the decor.



SPAZIOVIVO di Bongio con Vanity Fair - Sanremo 2014

SPAZIOVIVO was invited by Vanity Fair to be present with Sweet In.Grid furniture line designed by the architect Federico Rossi in the exclusive lounge that will host meetings with press, TV and international artists during the 64th edition of the Sanremo Festival.

Sanremo, Perturbazione: «Sul palco come i Backstreet Boys»

Vanity Unfair, il talk show da Sanremo

Vanity Unfair, la dedica dei Perturbazione

Bongiocasa Official / Biennale di Venezia

An important event took place in an exclusive setting, the Gardens of Venice Biennale, to be taken to extremes the possible customizations of Sweet In.grid, the armchair icon of this new design project, with its rigorously geometric forms and rational play on the square and the cub , takes on characteristics extremely different depending on the color variations. The mission was entrusted as pure volume to 8 artists of the Brera Academy, (selected by Prof. Federico Vescoco and Winarts gallery), the interpretation of the session . The art will be merged with the industrial design transforming mass production in creating unique multiple. Special thanks to those who made this unforgettable evening, accompanied by cellist Piero Salvatori and moderated by journalist Giorgio Tartaro.

Video 1
Video 1

Presentazione Concorso Prof. Federico Vescovo
Artisti Concorso

LIVE EMOTION catalog, Dynamics of Creativity

We have "reinterpreted" the image of our products, making them human, caught in a moment of irony, with the awareness that we are still behind 80 years of history and experience. DYNAMICS OF CREATIVITY, is the story of what we are since the founding of the company date in 1936, starting from the reading of the world that saw Mario Bongio in 1936, coming to the present. Catalog

Bongio Main Project, Sheraton Doha Resort

1 Settembre 2014


Galleria Campari presenta “I Colori del rosso” un percorso sensoriale nelle differenti sfumature e interpretazioni del colore rosso The exhibition strongly wanted by Campari Gallery, curated by Marina Mojana, artistic director of Galleria Campari, and the graphic design FG Confalonieri, of devising Francesca Valan, color expert, wants to provide the public with a complete view of the iconic red that marked the Italian and world history, the various symbolisms connected to red, a semiotic mapping of red meanings in different countries, and the history of this color and its evolution in society, by interlacing art, politics, psychology and sociology. Galleria Campari - I Colori del Rosso

Pitti Immagine 2015

On the occasion of Pitti Immagine 2015 organization that organizes fashion events, international trade fairs and exhibitions of textiles and clothing, communication events and cultural initiatives and research related to the system-fashionable and stylish. Bongio introduces Bongiocasa in two specil location FOUR SEASON AND VILLA ARTIMINO. More info:

Bongio a Leonardo TV, Tendenze Casa

1 Aprile 2015

Bongio Main Project, Seven Stars Milano

BONGIOCASA IS IN SEVEN STAR WITH NEW LIGHTING COLLECTION The only seven-star hotel in the world is the Seven Stars Galleria in Milan. To remember is the authoritative Forbes magazine, which certifies as the Milanese hotel is the only one able to boast the highest degree of excellence, given by SGS. The charm and luxury branded Seven Stars Galleria in Milan, has made inroads in the heart of SGS inspectors and in the many and lucky guests in its beautiful environment. Seven suites with views directly on the Vittorio Emanuele Gallery, butler who follows every guest for the duration of stay and a menu designed by the chef: all you need for a ultra-luxury living. It lives in history, rooted in a glorious past but has been able to innovate and look to the future, has rapidly become a reference point for the most demanding customers. The charm and elegance of an exceptional location and attention to every need of the guests really make it a seven-star hotel Info:

FUORISALONE 2015 - Milano

14 April 2015 — 19 April 2015 Bongio, with the brand Bongiocasa, present in Jannelli & Volpi Store in via Melzo 7, Milan

500x100 Talk / Salone del Mobile di Milano


MAURIZIO GALIMBERTI interpreta Sweet In.grid Red

The photographer and artist Maurizio Galimberti, describes his vision of the armchair Sweet In.grid of BongioCasa® directly in the heart of the plant Bongio in San Maurizio d' Opaglio.

Sweet In.grid Red a GALLERIA CAMPARI

16 July 2015 — 31 October 2015 Bongiocasa Sweet In.grid in total RED version, designed by Federico Rossi, is on display at Galleria Campari in the "Colors of Red" official exhibition.


July 16, 2015 — September 3, 2015

Bongio, official sponsor of #BOSCOLOPOPUPWINDOW event and competition held at Boscolo Hotel in Milan from July 16 to September 3, 2015. This event has been made thanks to the collaboration of: Arteventi, FDR architetti, DesignDiffusionN, DHD, Flos, Blachere, Man In Town, Meggreen, Ninouballerino, Food Design, Cittàexpo. FOLLOW ARTS & DESIGN BEATS.


November 9, 2015
Welcome at new Bongio 4K fully responsive website. Check it out!

Happy Birthday Bongio

In 2016 Bongio turns 80. Inspired by the creativity and inventiveness that comes through the eyes of the World. Every day.

Mediolanum Corporate University - Castelconturbia Golf

1 Luglio 2015 Evento MCU at Castelconturbia Golf Club. - Castelconturbia Golf Club MCU event.

Salone Del Mobile - 2016


EXPO 2020 Dubai - UAE

October 20, 2020 — April 10, 2021


Design Architect Federico Rossi A new faucet, basically aimed to work in the kitchen, where it must be great freedom of movement, to move from one point to another of the work plan: SWITCH moves with total freedom of action. Positioning itself where necessary, taking advantage of the dynamics of the folding arms and sophisticated mechanisms that allow it to remain where it is needed. For that resembles a lamp, or rather, why he stole the lamp that ability to illuminate at a precise point, as well as water is used in precise points of the working area. SWITCH2O I’m not a lamp: WATER AND LIGHT Bongio designed a new faucet, a new way to bring water playing with colors, shapes, and new ways of use.

Salone del Mobile Memories… Waiting for 2020



From May 16th Andrea Castrignano returns to La5, every Thursday, in the second evening with the ninth edition of "CAMBIO CASA, CAMBIO VITA!"

To see some realized projects watch the video on ours Youtube Channel