On all Bongio products


All Mario Bongio srl products are subject to functional tests during each step of the production process to allow to give best warranty condition.

Chrome items and other finish in the catalog are guaranteed by 10 years warranty, from the date of purchase, attested by the purchase receipt.

The guarantee is valid only on products sold in the country where they were purchased, unless the company permits the sale in different countries.

Warranty Terms & Regulation

This guarantee is extended to all countries where the product is sold by Mario Bongio srl or its authorized distributors.
Every application relating to the terms of this warranty should be sent directly to the sales network Mario Bongio srl.
To qualify for the warranty, the customer must present the original invoice of purchase of product for which calls for the service intervention or a valid equivalent document and the relative check receipt. If the product already in use is transferred to another user, warranty begins on the date of delivery to the first customer. In response to the claim under warranty, the dealer “Bongio” will be delivered the product in relation to which the service was required and this product must be intact and properly packaged in its original box, paying particular Attention in order to prevent damage or compromise the recovery.
The delivery times indicated on order confirmations are not exhaustive, can not be justification for delays in payments or claims for damages.
The warranty is valid only if the installation is carried out carefully following the directions and requirements contained in the documentation “installation and maintenance instruction”. The warranty is void if components are changed, or other pieces of product, the baseline condition of supply.
Subject to the conditions listed below, Mario Bongio srl will bear the transportation costs and materials needed to repair or replace equipment. The replacement, in whole or in part (even with similar products), can not be made if objectively impossible, or if it would present to Bongio unreasonable costs in relation to repair, keeping in mind the costs associated with replacement equipment and inconvenience caused to the customer. The warranty doesn’t cover the costs for assembling and disassembling of the product, the transfers and the technical interventions of the authorized staff.
The warranty is excluded for defects of conformity resulting from causes not related to Bongio, such as:
deterioration of surface finishes (chrome plated or different) due to use of cleaning agents containing acids or abrasive substances. The duration in fact depends on the attention and care with wich they are handled by the user;
Installation of the product carried in different way from what is contained in the assembly instructions or inadequate staff and/or tools;
use the product in other ways than those listed in the manual;
poor or bad maintenance of product or its alteration or amendment;
improper use of cleaning products;
use of inappropriate cleaning products;
use of non-original “Bongio” spare parts;
shipping damage is not challenged within the terms of the law or resulting from unauthorized carriers;
inefficiencies, or abnormalities of electrical and water system, in particular damages caused by scale or limestone deposits inside the pipes;
cases due to influence of chemical, electrochemical, electrical and electronic product for their use or improper installation by anyone unskilled or otherwise for the installation in contrast with the content in “installation and maintenance instruction”;
frost and weather, lightning, fire, extreme weather events and natural disasters;
abnormalities of any kind that are not caused by defects of equipment conformity.
Do not be covered under warranty: the cost of the equipment or the implementation of changes to adapt or to develop according to local or national regulations concerning security, where such rules go beyond the EU harmonized standard; damages from missed use of the product; ending pro test and damages of any nature and consequential; damages caused by using non-original accessories “Bongio”; parties who are subject to normal wear and tear (aerators, o-rings, valves , batteries, filters, headworks open / close, cartridges).
The customer loses the right to enforce this guarantee if you make yourself, or causes to be carried by persons who lack adequate profession , repair or modify service of the equipment.
The requests and the services provided under this warranty does not extend the original warranty period, except as provided by rules of prevailing national law. The costumer as no right to withhold compensation payments even when they are in dispute.
With the end of the period which the guarantee is approved, all services will be provided by charging the customer the cost of replacement parts and materials, at average market rates.
The actions outside the warranty will always be subject to creditors, under which the customer can decide whether to proceed or not.
This does not compromise the mandatory rights of the client law.

If necessary, consult first with the dealer where you purchased the product. Failing that, you can get directions to the nearest dealer by contacting the offices Mario Bongio srl. The contents of this certificate, duly completed in all its parts, is the only guarantee given by Bongio, no one is allowed to amend its terms or to make other oral or written. Competent court will be Novara, Italy.