It’s much more than a choice of charity

Water is not yet limited but not unlimited


In 2006 Bongio acquires a first water well for the people of Africa through AMREF project.
Since then, Bongio supports the culture of saving planet water, producing energy-saving taps to ensure maximum performance with minimum water use as possible.
Every year Bongio and all his collaborators are constantly working to donate clean water to those who need.

Nowadays, where the water is still a precious commodity,
Bongio promotes the initiative I LOVE WATER®,
wanting to raise awareness of saving water culture as a fundamental good.

In line with this philosophy, Bongio has implemented a series of targeted interventions. From April 2008, all the taps are supplied with a device suitable to reduce water flow, ensuring the same performance but with a substantial saving both economical and energy.
All without any increase in prices.
Bongio also finances AMREF® for the construction of water wells for African populations.
We are confident that the historical customers and future ones, will appreciate this choice.

AMREF gives water

In the world, more than a thousand million people have to utilize contaminated water, main carrier of illness.
In Africa 4 deaths on 5 are due to bad water, too much often something very far to reach.
The water projects of Amref are located in Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania..


Close water means social and economical progress.
Clean water means life.