The Soffi series has a progressive cartridge of 35 mm/ diam.
This cartridge works through a turning movement, obtaining a water supply from completely mixed cold water to total hot water, highly reducing hot water consumption.
The temperature of the plant must not exceed 70°C.
The ideal working pressure of the plant should be 3 bar.

Thermostatic cartridge:
The Soffi series has on the shower columns a 40 diam thermostatic cartridge prepared for a security system plug to stop at a maximum temperature of 38° to avoid warm shock.
The temperature of the plant must be levelled between a minimum of 10° and a maximum of 65°, besides the temperature of the incoming warm water in the mixer must be 10° higher than the maximum temperature of the warm water desired at the exit.
The ideal working pressure should be 3 bar and the maximum pressure difference between warm water entry and cold water entry must be 1,5 bar.

The Series Soffi has a kind of waterfall supply, not limited by aerators,
it has been created with flow regulators allowing a regular flow which can be adapted to the various necessities of the customer and also in this case with high reduction in the water consumption.

Diverting systems:
In the external shower mixers, the diverter is supplied with a stop mechanism which allows the perfect working also with pressures lower than 3 bar.

All the built in items have built in bodies, while the shower coloumn has an interaxe of 150±20mm. Wash bidet for deck installation require holes of a maximum of 35 mm. 

Design center directed by Antonio Bongio
with the collaboration of Massimiliano Della Monaca