T Square series has a ø 35 mms cartridge with or without distributor, depending on the items.
The temperature of the plant must not exceed 70°. The ideal working pressure of the plant is 3 bar.

Thermostatic mixers:
T Square series has on the built in shower mixers a ø 40 mms thermostatic cartrdige. Prepared for a
security system plug to stop at a maximum temperature of 38° to avoid warm shock. The temperature of the plant must be
levelled between a minimum of 10° and a maximum of 65°, the temperature of the incoming warm water in the mixer, must
be 10° higher than the maximum temperature of the warm water desired at the exit. The Ideal working pressure should be 3
bar and the maximum pressure difference between warm water entry and cold water entry must be 1,5 bar.

T Square series has a soft supply.

Diverting systems:
Bongio diverters have been tested to work properly starting from a minimum 0,5 bar pressure

All the built-in mixers Bongio items are available with universal raw built-in body.
All the external shower and bath mixers have the 15±20 mms interaxe.
For the basin and bidet mixers – single or three holes – to be place on top deck, they require ø 35 mms maximum holes.

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