Innovative pattern printing on steel and on brass:
1 – It doesn’t cover up the characteristics of the materials, it rather heightens them 2 – Outstanding quality
3 – No changes over time
4 – Weathering resistant
5 – Non-toxic pigmentation

For each graphic in the catalog or upon request, please contact the office for delivery date

Grafiche / Grafich by Federico Rossi, Roberto Niccolai coordinated by Alessandra Bongio

  • 56539TT/12

    Wall basin mixer with 120 mms spout and mixer on single plate, with built-in box, internal connections, flow regulation system, progressive cartridge
    Scheda tecnica

  • 46539TT/16

    Built-in basin mixer with plate and 160 mms spout
    Scheda tecnica

  • 46539TT/22

    Built-in basin mixer with plate and 220 mms spout
    Scheda tecnica

  • 882TT

    Shower head Ø 300 mms
    Scheda tecnica

  • 882TT

    Round shower head Ø 300 mms
    Scheda tecnica

  • 888TTC113

    850 x 400 mms. Steel rectangular ceiling shower head with rain, double water fall and chromotherapy function with presence sensor for chromotherapy activation. To be installed together with a mixer with a minimum flow rate of 32 lt/min. It has suggested to use an adeguate drain considering the flow rate of the shower head.
    Scheda tecnica

  • 46132TT

    Shower column with mixer, diverter, shower head and handshower kit
    Scheda tecnica