Shattaff shower set for wc with progressive mixer and hand shower.

Complete item

04916CR00 CR00/CR03/CR04/CR06/CR07/CR08/CR09

Built-in part


External marching part

04916CR00 CR00/CR03/CR04/CR06/CR07/CR08/CR09
04916OR00 OR00/OR03/OR04/OR06/OR07/OR08/OR09
04916XX XX

Refer to this line of price for all other realizable finishes.


Mixer extension 00916CRPR
Mixer extension 00916XXPR

Spare parts

Cartridge and inside mechanism 9820
Flexible 09610CR
Hand shower 00902CRDO
Flexible 9610XXDN
Hand shower 00902XXDO
Flexible 9610XX

For painted and matt finishes, the flexible hoses will be supplied in galvanic finishes and black delrin conical connection.

Spare part for different finishes.

Spare part for galvanic finishes different from chrome.

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