Cleaning and maintenance of surfaces


To clean use detergents with natural soap only.

Do not use domestic disinfectants to clean ceramics, abrasive detergents, corrosive substances and with alcohol, hydroclochloric acid and phosphoric acid or other acids.

NEVER USE cleaning spray directly on the product, but first of all spray on a cloth or sponge.

DO NOT USE abrasive cleaners or powders that could ruin the aesthetic appearance of the surface.

DO NOT USE cleaning silver detergents.


scouring pads, brushes or abrasive disks made from other metals and alloys (example mild steel, aluminium, brass, etc.) or utensils that have previously worked or clean other metals or alloys, which will scratch the surface and cause the contamination, causing unsightly stains.
hydrochloric acid (commercial muriatic) and bleach. It’s also good to avoid contact with fumes from hydrochloric acid, for example, washing the floors with bleach. In general you should avoid direct use of detergents containing chlorides even in adjacent areas.