Functionality and excellence

24 carats gilding

Authentic gilding
The gold-coating method we have been using for 20 years utilizes a 24 kt gold alloy. This prestigious metal alloy guarantees a superior quality gold coating, compared to less resistant products that need an extra layer of transparent varnish to be protected.

Energy Economy System

What is Energy Economy System?
An award-winning, sustainable technology that allows faucets to dispense cold water when the lever is in central position (instead of mixed water), so to not activate the boiler.
The environmental footprint is therefore reduced and there are significant savings.

Chromium and Nickel Plating

How is chromium and nickel plating achieved?

Current electroplating lines are designed to carry out automatic plating; thus, it is not possible to customize processes for each product. Consequently, coatings are set to an average that does not keep into account the specific needs and differences in thickness.

Bongio, on the other hand, has designed a crane application method that stops between chromium plating and nickel plating, in order to allow for different, specific, electroplating applications. Our lines are semi-automatic, thus galvanic bath time is set specifically for each product in order to achieve ideal results that will last longer.

Our nickel and chromium coatings have a minimum thickness of 16/18 micron and 0,4/0,8 micron respectively, a much higher value than average certified coatings.

Products’ quality air tests

All our faucets undergo air tests. In fact, a detailed confirmation of the successful test comes with each product. The test is carried out at a pressure of 4 / 4,5 bars, which guarantees the product performances at a water pressure of up to 15 bars. Physically speaking, a molecule of air equals a third of a molecule of water in terms of size.

All our products are air tested. You will find the certification of the successful test in the packaging.