Green Attitude


To invest in the future is to look ahead and seize the opportunities for growth that present themselves.
Values ​​such as Made-in-Italy, sustainability and artisanal craftsmanship have allowed our company to grow, successfully meeting the demands of a rapidly expanding market, in Italy and abroad.
At Bongio, we welcome new sustainable approaches, striving to constantly improve, bringing our enthusiasm beyond Lake Orta, out to the whole world.


A deep respect for our planet is the foundation of our philosophy, which is why we are committed to developing products that combine sustainability and design.
Bongio’s mission is to express these values through everything we do, from the design of individual items to the improvement of our headquarters.
Our team is guided by the latest innovations in eco-friendly design, looking to find the most suitable solutions to your needs while ensuring low environmental impact.


The construction of our new warehouse employed the most advanced sustainable technologies and relied entirely on renewable resources, with particular attention to the choice of materials, functionality and energy efficiency.
A photovoltaic system allows us to autonomously generate part of the energy necessary for production, while insulated walls adorned by a vertical garden improve the thermal and acoustic insulation of the environment; these architectural solutions have been designed to ensure the well-being and safety of our employees, who can enjoy a comfortable interior setting year-round.


For us at Bongio, seeking sustainable solutions is paramount to reducing the use of natural resources, staying ahead of the competition and keeping production costs under control.
Optimal energy management results in an increasingly competitive business, boosting productivity, decreasing energy dependency, and cutting emissions.
These choices have allowed us to stand out in the global market as a company that is both committed to sustainable development and receptive to change.

Plastic Free Packaging

Bongio’s efforts for sustainable innovation and its quest for excellence keep into consideration the importance of curbing the environmental footprint of every product. Reducing the use of synthetic packaging has meant contributing to a more responsible use of our natural resources, from production all the way to shipping, only using natural, renewable materials.

Bongio Kit

All products from Bongio come with a supporting kit for the customer (Care kit), and a second kit entirely dedicated to technicians. The sustainability card is yet another proof of the company’s efforts to promote environmental sustainability.

Environmental sustainability

Bongio’s choice of using nothing but natural and renewable materials for its packaging is yet another example of Bongio’s commitment to the environment on every level. Each product is delivered in a package entirely made of re-usable cotton, with no plastic or synthetic materials.